Whistler CR85 Laser Radar Detector

In this fast routine of life, the radar detectors have become an essential device that you need every day. It may happen that you run short of time to reach to your job or in any emergency, you have to speed up your drive and you get ticketed. So, you need a radar detector that alerts you of the cop ahead and gives you some time to slow down.

Whistler CR85 Laser-Radar Detector

The best radar detector is the one that is perfectly fit for purpose on a small budget. Whistler CR85 Laser-Radar detector is the one that allows you to speed up on a very small cost.

Whistler CR85 Laser Radar Detector Overview

Manufacturers of Radar detectors provide their customers a long list of specifications and features. The most important feature in a radar detector is high sensitivity and range.

Great drive experience

This Radar detector is your companion forever and let you drive without any tension. It informs you when there is any hot-spot of being ticketed.

Save Money

This device pays for itself and saves you money on the road. There is no need to be afraid of being ticketed when this device is with you.

Get signals in advance

The best feature of the detector is its good detection range. It alerts you far away and gives you enough time to slow down the vehicle.

Laser detection

It detects the laser very accurately and provides 360° Maximum coverage and POP mode detection.

Real Voice Alerts

It alerts you with real voice and takes your attention even during careless and casual driving.

Customizable text display

The blue text display has dark and dim adjustable modes to use in different times on a day.

Filters false signals

Its advances filter technology keeps the stray signals away from it on roads and highways and don’t annoy you by constant beeping.

Customized alerts

It can be customized for the alerts it gives. It has selectable filters and bands. You can change its sensitivity as you desire.


  • The detector has long range of detection.
  • With adjustable filters it filters out the false alert
  • The price is extremely low for such high performance it gives.
  • Large configurability gives you the freedom to turn off X and K bands.
  • The display is better in bright lights and sun.
  • Low Signal Emission makes it undetectable to VG-2
  • The button layout is great
  • 1 year warranty
  • The unit is intellicord Capable


  • Power plug is extremely sensitive. A jumpy road drive can turn off the unit.
  • Test mode cannot be turned off when it first turns on.
  • It is less sensitive on curved roads and hilly areas.
  • Suction cup mount
  • Extremely light weight, which decreases its life.

What the customers say about Whistlers Radar detector

A product’s reviews and ratings are the best suggestions to buy it or not. Most of the customers that have used this unit show satisfaction with its performance. No doubt it is the best choice for all who are looking for Radar detectors in low price range. Some customers complain its sensitivity on curved hilly roads, but it works perfectly on highways and cities. The feature that stands out among other radar detectors is its power to filter the false signals.


By scrutinizing many different models and brands, the Whistlers CR85 Laser-Radar detectors stand out in its extremely low price and fit for purpose performance. If you are unaware of the Radar detectors and it’s your first experience, then you must buy this non-expensive unit because you need not to risk you enough money to get a first time experience with a radar detector. We hope you will love this radar.

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