The radar detector helps the driver to become aware of the speed limit in a specific area. It tells the driver that there is something which is observing him. So, he should keep the speed at a proper limit and if he exceeds that limit, he is going to face speed tickets.

User guide for radar detector

Spend a little money on purchasing the radar detector and safe your time and money. You will never be caught by the police for speeding your vehicle. Just a little know how of the radar is required for saving your precious time and money and many more things.

Steps to follow:

There are certain steps that are to be followed before using this product, they are mentioned below:

Radar detector using instructions 1

Step 1: Establish the power connection

Connect the cord with power source in order to start the radar detector. Place the large end in cigarette lighter.

Step 2: Keep the receipt safe

If you are having any problem with your detector, you may return it to the manufacturer, but the important thing is that you need to keep your dated store receipt with you; otherwise it will be difficult to return it back.

Step 3: Read the manual available

Make sure that you read the manual provided by the manufacturer to know, how to use it properly. It will guide and assist you and will provide you the whole information regarding its usage.

Step 4: Install it properly

The best place to install the detector is to keep it in the center of the windshield. Installing it on some other places like behind the wipers or on the places which have metal surfaces might cause lowering its performance and the life of the detector will be reduced. Some vehicles have plastic safety coating, which might be damaged when the detector is removed.

Step 5: Do not reveal the detector

When the detector is not in use, it should be kept somewhere secret, so that nobody could steal it. Use it when you need it.

Step 6: Adjust the volume

The detector has the power or volume control system which is used for the purpose of setting its volume. The voice of the detector can be adjusted in accordance to your mood.

Step 7: Use complete band protection

It is the best option to use. It helps the user to receive the whole sorts of signals which may include laser, radar, and safety radar band. In this way, the driver gets aware of the coming danger and adjusts himself according to the situation.

Step 8: Usage of buttons

There exist various sorts of buttons on the detectors which are used by the driver. The city button if pressed reduces the amount of annoyance in the urban areas from the false alerts. On the other side, the quiet button makes the detector silent but you are still informed through the visual ads on its screen.

Step 9: Use different modes

If you are driving in the city press the city mode button and if you are driving on the highway, it is better to keep it on highway mood. They will inform you in accordance with their relevant modes.

Things to consider

The radar detector is very useful device, which informs you from the danger of getting speed tickets. There is something that should be kept in mind while driving and that is a speed limit. After that, there is no need to worry as this will be expressed by the radar detector and there will be no fear of the police in the area. Follow these instructions while using radar detector in order to avoid technical problems.