Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector Review of 2019

Escort decided to expand its product range and for good reason too. Being a pioneer in its field of radar detectors, it decided to take things a step further by introducing a cordless detector. Note that although this device performs well and matches as well as exceeds some of its counterparts; you will be sacrificing some features in exchange for the portability that this device has to offer. Read on to know if the price and feature scale balances.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Features

Long-range Radar Protection

The Solo S3 covers all the standard signals and frequencies. These include the X-band, K-band and the Ka band well. Instant on signals can be detected as well. The detecting system has received an overhaul which greatly has improved, it’s detection capabilities in terms of range.

Ultra-Performance Laser Protection

Detecting speed radars using signal bands can sometimes deceive a person and get them caught. This is because of laser operated speed radars. These don’t utilize signals at all and therefore are completely invisible on their own to detectors. The SOLO S3 comes with multiple sensors which can detect laser beams. The sensors cover wide fields of view while operating at low-noise frequencies to ensure maximum protection against lasers.

Programmable Features

The SOLO S3 doesn’t lag behind on customizable functions either. You get to choose from 9 different types of driving modes. If the battery gets you worried about your settings reset, then here is another plus. The Solo S3 saves your setting in its internal memory so even if it’s without power there is no effect on the settings saved.

High-resolution Graphic Display

The Solo S3’s display has been revamped as well. Escort used OLED technology, which makes for easy reading. Everything is neatly organized on the display and one glance is more than enough to pick up on what type of alert is being given. Furthermore, you can use bar graphs as well as the patented expert meter; whichever suits your preferences.

Safety Radar Signals

Just like the other Escort models, the Solo S3 can provide up to 64 different alerts. These alerts are detected by its Safety Warning technology.

Opening the box

You can start operating the Solo S3 in almost no time right out of the box. Just put in the AA batteries that come with it and you’re good to go. Of course, if you’re not the technical type, then it’d be a good idea to go through the manual as well. It gives detailed instructions not only on operations, but correct installation as well.

Note that incorrect installation can have adverse effects on the device’s detection capabilities and has been the reason for many negative reviews and responses from buyers.

The box includes an adjustable windshield mounting device and travel case as well.

High-Efficiency Battery Design

A high efficiency design ensures that the Solo S3 consumes a lot less power than its corded counterparts. This ensures long battery running times of up to months! In the case that the batteries are low, you will be notified on the spot rather than when they’re right about to end.


  • No hassle with cords.
  • Long time operation on battery


  • The short detection range at times due to battery powered operation as compared to corded devices. (Mixed responses to this from customers)
  • Windshield mounts are not sturdy enough.


With an overall review of 75 5 stars 23 4 stars, the Solo S3 have fared well among customers. There were 8 3, 2 and 1 star reviews who complained about the lack of detection range.


If you are the travelling type, then this is the device for you. Be ready to trade some performance for portability though. Coming to the different drive modes, it’s a really helpful feature, if the device has multiple users. Different people in a firm, for different locations, different vehicles; numerous factors can be addressed using these 9 different modes.

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