Escort RedLine Radar Detector

The RedLine isn’t your ordinary run of the mill device. Designed to pick up on even the slightest of signal emanations, this device cannot possibly fail to detect a checkpoint if there is one. Of course, that’s not saying much considering the price tag which comes with it. But we’ll let you be the judge of that once you’ve gone through the review completely.

Escort RedLine Radar Detector

The RedLine comes with full K, Ka and X support. Apart from that you get the Safety Warning System, which really adds to the overall radar capability. The list doesn’t end here. Extras include a rear and front system for laser detection so you’re covered there as well.

Rather than taking the traditional route; the Redline comes with a dual antenna. Couple this with a varactor-tuned (VTO) receiver and a digitally processed signal system (DSP) and you get one really sophisticated device for your car. The improved range means you know well in advance of any possible units up ahead.

Escort RedLine Features

Band support

As mentioned above, this device scans for all major bands available. Apart from that it will also detect on other types of uncommon signals or hazards and obstructions on roads ahead.


Many manufacturers use technical jargon and other fancy words to mask the lacking of their product in terms of range. However, there is no need for that here. The Redline comes with two antennas rather than the industry standard of one. Couple this with the V-tuned receiver programming and you get a device which can detect a unit from so far that you may even brake and then speed up again only to remember the unit is still far away!

Detecting the detector; Undetectable

The truth, however bitter, is the truth. Many states have detectors banned altogether. If you’re found with one, then you’ll be in for a lot more than just the usual speeding ticket. Detectors are detected using sophisticated devices which can pick up devices detecting other signals. The Redline comes with TotalSheild RF technology. This technology picks up on and bounces back waves used by detector detecting detectors hence rendering your device virtually invisible to it.

Safety radar

Picking up on checkpoints and units isn’t the only function this device serves. It’s safety radar can pick up on different types of situations such as constructions up ahead, fast/slow moving vehicles, weather conditions, road clearance and a lot more. By factory defaults the device comes with close to 70 different messages which notify you specifically of what it has detected and will come up ahead.


The Escort RedLine Radar Detector comes with a one-year limited warranty. It can also be extended according to the different plans the company has to offer; you can check them out on their site. Having warranty is a major advantage; many software issues occur during upgrades and these can easily be sorted out through warranty.


  • Excellent display screen
  • One year warranty
  • Undetectable
  • Dual antennae allows for long range detections and hence earlier alerts


  • Too many fees involved to get updates
  • Doesn’t detect well on sides other than the front of the vehicle
  • Requires perfect mounting position


Although ratings were the highest at 5 stars (close to a 100), there were downsides of the product mentioned as well since updating involved hefty costs such as membership fees. Apart from that, the device was well received since it could make detections really far out.


This shouldn’t be your first buy. It takes some time getting used to the features and won’t work well if you don’t understand its functions thoroughly.

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