Escort Passport Max Review of 2019

Advancement of the world has made the time run faster and it’s quite common now that people are mostly running out of time. May be one day you get up late in the morning and you have to rush to your job. Your driving towards the job may include lead foot induced speeding and the cops are always out there to catch you in this speed driving. No need to worry, a radar detector helps here to take the edge off. Important is the tickets may cost more than a radar detector.

Escort Passport Max Review of 2019

Don’t confuse the Escort Passport max radar detector with ordinary detectors with false alarms and poor signals. It makes use of true digital sampling of radar signals. An introduction to the Escort Passport Max may help you to understand its feature and quality.

Escort Passport Max Overview:

Maximum Ticket Protection

This advanced radar detector provides breakthrough performance with no match to it. It is ultra-advanced to cover all the signals.

Drive worry-free

It provides you relief during driving and can create a record of zero ticketing forever. A heavy tension of being ticketed is off your head during driving.

Leave no threat un-informed

It can identify all the speed traps, speed cameras and red light cameras. It covers all radars and laser bands. Its sensitivity to Ka-band is great and gives you a lot of warning before getting ticketed.

Get accurate signals

Escort Passport max identifies the real threats from a number of signals and always gives a detection of real signals. This is quite helping feature of a radar detector in this world of noise.

Personalize your experience

The passport max can be personalized for different kinds of driving and experiences. It can work the way you choose. You can choose which radar to be monitored and which meter to be shown on detection of a specific signal. You always get protected whatever your driving style is.

Get signals in advance

With link to the Defender database of speed-cameras, the Passport max gives you the signal of these danger zones in advance.


  • Accurate, sensitive and filer out the false alarms.
  • It has Escort live service that can connect through Bluetooth to your iPhone via an app installed in the phone. It displays your location on map with GPS system.
  • Shows speed limit data
  • You can set a target on the map and it will gives you the signal when it reaches the target
  • Extremely customizable and user-friendly
  • You can change the display color and settings


  • According to some customers the drawback of Escort Passport Max is poor ergonomics and screen.
  • The signal meter becomes invisible in bright lights and sun.
  • The mount release button is positioned far and you find difficulty in pushing it to release the radar from the mount.
  • Currently, four organizations deliver Escort Passport Max but Escort takes the responsibility for the product they sell directly.

What Customers Say About Escort Passport Max

Ideally the quality of a product can be estimated by the opinions of the customers who have used it. You may read the reviews about this radar detector; you will find that most of the customers showed satisfaction with the product’s performance. A very few are disappointed from the display, that is a bit unclear for them, but this may be because of their visual problems. Mostly people compared the Passport Max with other radar detectors and found it more reliable.


It outperforms every other radar detector by every measure. If you want a speed drive on lengthy road trips with no worry of getting ticketed, then go to the Escort Passport Max. It perfectly serves the purpose and is a best option with a price of $527.18 at with free shipping. It will be your best choice ever.

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