[Review] Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector

What about a speedy drive on a long trip, saving so much time and not getting ticketed for speeding at all? A Radar/Laser detector is a setup that can save you from being pulled over every time. What a deal if the investment you do on the Radar detector unit is small and the paid-off money which you save from zero-ticket drives is large. What holds you back from buying one?

Cobra XRS9370 Radar Laser Detector

A quality radar detector like Cobra helps you to detect whether your speed is being monitored by police and with its signals you can reduce the speed before being ticketed. Cobra XRS9370 is a great Radar/Laser unit that works so well and doesn’t break the wallet. This little inexpensive gadget brings out the best of a worry-free protected speed drive. You need not to fear an officer that is always out there to charge you with your hard-earned cash. It works great with advance features.

Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector Overview

Following is a brief overview of tis detector.

Fearless Speeding: Its Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology provides you a fearless speeding experience with detection of all the Radar/Laser signals from police Radar guns.

Ticket Protection: It detects the fastest and latest Radar Gun Pop mode and maintains your zero- ticketing travel record.

Safety Alerts: It provides alerts about any emergency vehicle approaching you. Additionally, it can be set on city and highway mode with different settings.

Ultra-Bright Display: The display is very clear and readable. You can adjust the brightness at night for convenient view of display.

14 Radar/Laser Band Protection: It gives 360 degree Max detection of Ku Bands, Laser bands and safety signals.

Auto Mute: It alerts with a loud voice but the volume lowers slowly and it mutes without having to turn the alert warning off. This automatic feature enhances the driver’s convenience.

Undetectable: Cobra XRS9730 is undetectable by VG-2 radar or Spectre I/IV+ detector-detectors.

User Manual: This detector comes with  user manual containing detailed information about its usage.


  • It has a beautiful compact design that looks great
  • Extremely low price for an advanced technology
  • It doesn’t get hot and it may increase its life.
  • It produces high pitched alerts and mutes automatically
  • Its Ultra-Bright and dim mode customizable display facilitate the view at day and nights
  • It has memory function
  • Nice layout of buttons
  • 1 year warranty


  • An unreliable dash mount
  • It gives Late signals in hilly areas
  • In city it gives many false alerts and keep beeping
  • Range is weak and less advance warnings
  • No user manual is given
  • Long cord that gets in the way
  • Compass loses focus sometime even after calibration

What Customers say about Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector

It’s good to buy a product after getting through the reviews and opinions of its users. The customers give both positive and negative feedbacks about Cobra XRS9370 according to their experience with it. Some customers are unsatisfied with its sensitivity to discriminate non-Radar signals and Radar signals. These are some limitations that one must expect from such a low price product. The unit pays off the investment and is pretty good to detect signal.


If you are a Radar-detector snob you should stay away from this set-up. This Radar/Laser detector is for those who can’t justify spending handful of money for a simple Radar/Laser detector. Cobra XRS9370 is overall a nicely constructed Radar/Laser detector with nice design and clear display. It works well and alerts you in a loud voice. It’s recommended for people with tight budget and highway travelers. Its price on Amazon.com is $72.20 with free shipping. Go for it. After analyzing the features, benefits and little drawbacks, the people are recommended to buy this product.

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