Cobra ESD 777 Detector Review of 2019

A modern lifestyle demands a Radar detector because many times you are running short of time. You have to reach your job on time. Time is money; you can save it with speed and not wasting it over the roads. Speeding can get you tickets and you end up losing money from your wallet. So, you want to keep the cops away to avoid tickets.

Cobra ESD Detector Review

The best radar detector is the one that serves the purpose and doesn’t disturb your budget on buying it. Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector is the one that makes your trip ticket-free.

Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector Overview:

Manufacturers of Radar detectors provide you the detectors with specifications and features according to its price.  Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector is reliable, affordable and does exactly the perfect job of radar detector.

Ticket free drive

Cobra ESD 777’s advanced features ensure you a safe and worry-free driving while saving you those annoying tickets along the road. It recognizes 12 bands of Radar and lasers.

Money saving machine

The device is affordable and saves you loads of money on the road. Cobra ESD 777 will detect the signals from police guns to warn you of speeding.

Advance alert

It gives signals of radars in advance, giving you enough time to slow down. It can be set in city and highway mode and works well. It helps to handle the tricky road situations.

Safety alert

It warns you of the emergency vehicles out there on the road and gives a safety alert to stay attentive. It provides 360 degree protection from road hazards.

Loud alert

Its alerts are loud and easy to hear. The sound quality is good to be heard on the noisy road. The volume is adjustable.

Automatic mute system

The warning is loud and then the voice lowers and the unit mutes itself after the warning. This feature is desirable on a busy road.

Bright display on screen

Ultra-bright display gives easy recognition of band detected apart from the sound alert. Identification icons make the view more comprehensive.


  • The price is extremely low to fit in with a tight budget
  • Auto-mute system provides a better user experience.
  • Good sound alert.
  • Easy to adjust the settings
  • Easy to understand and user friendly
  • The unit is light weight and easy to transport and carry in your bag to avoid getting robbed from the vehicle.
  • Self-test feature is good to check the unit’s working condition


  • Low range and detect the signals quite close to the radar on curved paths.
  • Display my get hard to see at different times
  • Doesn’t go well around city roads.
  • It gives false alerts and constant beeping may annoy you.
  • Suction cup mount made it hard to attach firmly
  • Less customizable

What the customers say about Cobra Detector

This radar detector owns the satisfaction of its users. The people who used it give good feedback with a few exceptions. No doubt the device pays for itself and performs the functions it promised. Some customers complain its range of curved road. They are satisfied with its performance on straight roads and highways. Other common complaints from the customers are the bad suction cup mount and false alerts. Overall the unit is good for casual drives and work well according to the price.


By comparing the price and features that Cobra ESD 777 offers, it can be seen that it is a viable value option for people not wanting to spend hundreds of bucks over a Radar detector. Best possible features with a least possible price make the Cobra ESD 777 most preferred radar detector among others with the same price range. If you are casual driver and travel less, Cobra ESD 777 is the excellent choice for you. You can check price on

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