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Cobra ESD Detector Review

Cobra-Electronics-ESD-777-Detector 10A modern lifestyle demands a Radar detector because many times you are running short of time. You have to reach your job on time. Time is money; you can save it with speed and not wasting it over the roads. Speeding can get you tickets and you end up losing money from your wallet. So, you want to keep the cops away to avoid tickets.

The best radar detector is the one that serves the purpose and doesn’t disturb your budget on buying it. Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector is the one that makes your trip ticket-free.

Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector Overview:

Manufacturers of Radar detectors provide you the detectors with specifications and features according to its price.  Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector is reliable, affordable and does exactly the perfect job of radar detector.

Ticket free drive

Cobra ESD 777’s advanced features ensure you a safe and worry-free driving while saving you those annoying tickets along the road. It recognizes 12 bands of Radar and lasers.

Money-saving machine

The device is affordable and saves you loads of money on the road. Cobra ESD 777 will detect the signals from police guns to warn you of speeding.

Advance alert

It gives signals of radars in advance, giving you enough time to slow down. It can be set in city and highway mode and works well. It helps to handle the tricky road situations.

Safety alert

It warns you of the emergency vehicles out there on the road and gives a safety alert to stay attentive. It provides 360 degree protection from road hazards.

Loud alert

Its alerts are loud and easy to hear. The sound quality is good to be heard on the noisy road. The volume is adjustable.

Automatic mute system

The warning is loud and then the voice lowers and the unit mutes itself after the warning. This feature is desirable on a busy road.

Bright display on screen

Ultra-bright display gives easy recognition of band detected apart from the sound alert. Identification icons make the view more comprehensive.


  • The price is extremely low to fit in with a tight budget
  • Auto-mute system provides a better user experience.
  • Good sound alert.
  • Easy to adjust the settings
  • Easy to understand and user friendly
  • The unit is light weight and easy to transport and carry in your bag to avoid getting robbed from the vehicle.
  • Self-test feature is good to check the unit’s working condition


  • Low range and detect the signals quite close to the radar on curved paths.
  • Display my get hard to see at different times
  • Doesn’t go well around city roads.
  • It gives false alerts and constant beeping may annoy you.
  • Suction cup mountmade it hard to attach firmly
  • Less customizable

 What the customers say about Cobra Detector

This radar detector owns the satisfaction of its users. The people who used it give good feedback with a few exceptions. No doubt the device pays for itself and performs the functions it promised. Some customers complain its range of curved road. They are satisfied with its performance on straight roads and highways. Other common complaints from the customers are the bad suction cup mount and false alerts. Overall the unit is good for casual drives and work well according to the price.


By comparing the price and features that Cobra ESD 777 offers, it can be seen that it is a viable value option for people not wanting to spend hundreds of bucks over a Radar detector. Best possible features with a least possible price make the Cobra ESD 777 most preferred radar detector among others with the same price range. If you are casual driver and travel less, Cobra ESD 777 is the excellent choice for you. It’s worth $106.50 on


Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra-XRS9370-High-Performance-360-Degree-Protection 9

What about a speedy drive on a long trip, saving so much time and not getting ticketed for speeding at all? A Radar/Laser detector is a setup that can save you from being pulled over every time. What a deal if the investment you do on the Radar detector unit is small and the paid-off money which you save from zero-ticket drives is large. What holds you back from buying one?

A quality radar detector like Cobra helps you to detect whether your speed is being monitored by police and with its signals you can reduce the speed before being ticketed. Cobra XRS9370 is a great Radar/Laser unit that works so well and doesn’t break the wallet. This little inexpensive gadget brings out the best of a worry-free protected speed drive. You need not to fear an officer that is always out there to charge you with your hard-earned cash. It works great with advance features.

Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector Overview

Following is a brief overview of tis detector.

Fearless Speeding: Its Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology provides you a fearless speeding experience with detection of all the Radar/Laser signals from police Radar guns.

Ticket Protection: It detects the fastest and latest Radar Gun Pop mode and maintains your zero- ticketing travel record.

Safety Alerts: It provides alerts about any emergency vehicle approaching you. Additionally, it can be set on city and highway mode with different settings.

Ultra-Bright Display: The display is very clear and readable. You can adjust the brightness at night for convenient view of display.

14 Radar/Laser Band Protection: It gives 360 degree Max detection of Ku Bands, Laser bands and safety signals.

Auto Mute: It alerts with a loud voice but the volume lowers slowly and it mutes without having to turn the alert warning off. This automatic feature enhances the driver’s convenience.

Undetectable: Cobra XRS9730 is undetectable by VG-2 radar or Spectre I/IV+ detector-detectors.

User Manual: This detector comes with  user manual containing detailed information about its usage.


  • It has a beautiful compact design that looks great
  • Extremely low price for an advanced technology
  • It doesn’t get hot and it may increase its life.
  • It produces high pitched alerts and mutes automatically
  • Its Ultra-Bright and dim mode customizable display facilitate the view at day and nights
  • It has memory function
  • Nice layout of buttons
  • 1 year warranty


  • An unreliable dash mount
  • It gives Late signals in hilly areas
  • In city it gives many false alerts and keep beeping
  • Range is weak and less advance warnings
  • No user manual is given
  • Long cord that gets in the way
  • Compass loses focus sometime even after calibration

What Customers say about Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector

It’s good to buy a product after getting through the reviews and opinions of its users. The customers give both positive and negative feedbacks about Cobra XRS9370 according to their experience with it. Some customers are unsatisfied with its sensitivity to discriminate non-Radar signals and Radar signals. These are some limitations that one must expect from such a low price product. The unit pays off the investment and is pretty good to detect signal.


If you are a Radar-detector snob you should stay away from this set-up. This Radar/Laser detector is for those who can’t justify spending handful of money for a simple Radar/Laser detector. Cobra XRS9370 is overall a nicely constructed Radar/Laser detector with nice design and clear display. It works well and alerts you in a loud voice. It’s recommended for people with tight budget and highway travelers. Its price on is $72.20 with free shipping. Go for it. After analyzing the features, benefits and little drawbacks, the people are recommended to buy this product.



Whistler CR85 Laser-Radar Detector

Whistler-CR85-Performance-Laser-Radar-Detector 7

In this fast routine of life, the radar detectors have become an essential device that you need every day. It may happen that you run short of time to reach to your job or in any emergency, you have to speed up your drive and you get ticketed. So, you need a radar detector that alerts you of the cop ahead and gives you some time to slow down.

The best radar detector is the one that is perfectly fit for purpose on a small budget. Whistler CR85 Laser-Radar detector is the one that allows you to speed up on a very small cost.

Whistler Radar Detector Overview

Manufacturers of Radar detectors provide their customers a long list of specifications and features. The most important feature in a radar detector is high sensitivity and range.

Great drive experience

This Radar detector is your companion forever and let you drive without any tension. It informs you when there is any hot-spot of being ticketed.

Save Money

This device pays for itself and saves you money on the road. There is no need to be afraid of being ticketed when this device is with you.

Get signals in advance

The best feature of the detector is its good detection range. It alerts you far away and gives you enough time to slow down the vehicle.

Laser detection

It detects the laser very accurately and provides 360° Maximum coverage and POP mode detection.

Real Voice Alerts

It alerts you with real voice and takes your attention even during careless and casual driving.

Customizable text display

The blue text display has dark and dim adjustable modes to use in different times on a day.

Filters false signals

Its advances filter technology keeps the stray signals away from it on roads and highways and don’t annoy you by constant beeping.

Customized alerts

It can be customized for the alerts it gives. It has selectable filters and bands. You can change its sensitivity as you desire.


  • The detector has long range of detection.
  • With adjustable filters it filters out the false alert
  • The price is extremely low for such high performance it gives.
  • Large configurability gives you the freedom to turn off X and K bands.
  • The display is better in bright lights and sun.
  • Low Signal Emission makes it undetectable to VG-2
  • The button layout is great
  • 1 year warranty
  • The unit is intellicord Capable


  • Power plug is extremely sensitive. A jumpy road drive can turn off the unit.
  • Test mode cannot be turned off when it first turns on.
  • It is less sensitive on curved roads and hilly areas.
  • Suction cup mount
  • Extremely light weight, which decreases its life.

What the customers say about Whistlers Radar detector

A product’s reviews and ratings are the best suggestions to buy it or not. Most of the customers that have used this unit show satisfaction with its performance. No doubt it is the best choice for all who are looking for Radar detectors in low price range. Some customers complain its sensitivity on curved hilly roads, but it works perfectly on highways and cities. The feature that stands out among other radar detectors is its power to filter the false signals.


By scrutinizing many different models and brands, the Whistlers CR85 Laser-Radar detectors stand out in its extremely low price and fit for purpose performance. If you are unaware of the Radar detectors and it’s your first experience, then you must buy this non-expensive unit because you need not to risk you enough money to get a first time experience with a radar detector. Its price on Amazon is $133.27 and $4.99 for Shipping

Escort Passport Max Review

Escort-0100016-1-Passport-Max 6

Advancement of the world has made the time run faster and it’s quite common now that people are mostly running out of time. May be one day you get up late in the morning and you have to rush to your job. Your driving towards the job may include lead foot induced speeding and the cops are always out there to catch you in this speed driving. No need to worry, a radar detector helps here to take the edge off. Important is the tickets may cost more than a radar detector.

Don’t confuse the Escort Passport max radar detector with ordinary detectors with false alarms and poor signals. It makes use of true digital sampling of radar signals. An introduction to the Escort Passport Max may help you to understand its feature and quality.

Escort Passport Max Overview:

Maximum Ticket Protection

This advanced radar detector provides breakthrough performance with no match to it. It is ultra-advanced to cover all the signals.

Drive worry-free

It provides you relief during driving and can create a record of zero ticketing forever. A heavy tension of being ticketed is off your head during driving.

Leave no threat un-informed

It can identify all the speed traps, speed cameras and red light cameras. It covers all radars and laser bands. Its sensitivity to Ka-band is great and gives you a lot of warning before getting ticketed.

Get accurate signals

Escort Passport max identifies the real threats from a number of signals and always gives a detection of real signals. This is quite helping feature of a radar detector in this world of noise.

Personalize your experience

The passport max can be personalized for different kinds of driving and experiences. It can work the way you choose. You can choose which radar to be monitored and which meter to be shown on detection of a specific signal. You always get protected whatever your driving style is.

Get signals in advance

With link to the Defender database of speed-cameras, the Passport max gives you the signal of these danger zones in advance.


  • Accurate, sensitive and filer out the false alarms.
  • It has Escort live service that can connect through Bluetooth to your iPhone via an app installed in the phone. It displays your location on map with GPS system.
  • Shows speed limit data
  • You can set a target on the map and it will gives you the signal when it reaches the target
  • Extremely customizable and user-friendly
  • You can change the display color and settings


  • According to some customers the drawback of Escort Passport Max is poor ergonomics and screen.
  • The signal meter becomes invisible in bright lights and sun.
  • The mount release button is positioned far and you find difficulty in pushing it to release the radar from the mount.
  • Currently, four organizations deliver Escort Passport Max but Escort takes the responsibility for the product they sell directly.

 What Customers Say About Escort Passport Max

Ideally the quality of a product can be estimated by the opinions of the customers who have used it. You may read the reviews about this radar detector; you will find that most of the customers showed satisfaction with the product’s performance. A very few are disappointed from the display, that is a bit unclear for them, but this may be because of their visual problems. Mostly people compared the Passport Max with other radar detectors and found it more reliable.


It outperforms every other radar detector by every measure. If you want a speed drive on lengthy road trips with no worry of getting ticketed, then go to the Escort Passport Max. It perfectly serves the purpose and is a best option with a price of $527.18 at with free shipping. It will be your best choice ever.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

Escort-Solo-Cordless-Radar-Detector bigEscort decided to expand its product range and for good reason too. Being a pioneer in its field of radar detectors, it decided to take things a step further by introducing a cordless detector. Note that although this device performs well and matches as well as exceeds some of its counterparts; you will be sacrificing some features in exchange for the portability that this device has to offer. Read on to know if the price and feature scale balances.


Long-range Radar Protection

The Solo S3 covers all the standard signals and frequencies. These include the X-band, K-band and the Ka band well. Instant on signals can be detected as well. The detecting system has received an overhaul which greatly has improved, it’s detection capabilities in terms of range.

Ultra-Performance Laser Protection

Detecting speed radars using signal bands can sometimes deceive a person and get them caught. This is because of laser operated speed radars. These don’t utilize signals at all and therefore are completely invisible on their own to detectors. The SOLO S3 comes with multiple sensors which can detect laser beams. The sensors cover wide fields of view while operating at low-noise frequencies to ensure maximum protection against lasers.

Programmable Features

The SOLO S3 doesn’t lag behind on customizable functions either. You get to choose from 9 different types of driving modes. If the battery gets you worried about your settings reset, then here is another plus. The Solo S3 saves your setting in its internal memory so even if it’s without power there is no effect on the settings saved.

High-resolution Graphic Display

The Solo S3’s display has been revamped as well. Escort used OLED technology, which makes for easy reading. Everything is neatly organized on the display and one glance is more than enough to pick up on what type of alert is being given. Furthermore, you can use bar graphs as well as the patented expert meter; whichever suits your preferences.

Safety Radar Signals

Just like the other Escort models, the Solo S3 can provide up to 64 different alerts. These alerts are detected by its Safety Warning technology.

Opening the box

You can start operating the Solo S3 in almost no time right out of the box. Just put in the AA batteries that come with it and you’re good to go. Of course, if you’re not the technical type, then it’d be a good idea to go through the manual as well. It gives detailed instructions not only on operations, but correct installation as well.

Note that incorrect installation can have adverse effects on the device’s detection capabilities and has been the reason for many negative reviews and responses from buyers.

The box includes an adjustable windshield mounting device and travel case as well.

High-Efficiency Battery Design

A high efficiency design ensures that the Solo S3 consumes a lot less power than its corded counterparts. This ensures long battery running times of up to months! In the case that the batteries are low, you will be notified on the spot rather than when they’re right about to end.


  • No hassle with cords.
  • Long time operation on battery


  • The short detection range at times due to battery powered operation as compared to corded devices. (Mixed responses to this from customers)
  • Windshield mounts are not sturdy enough.


With an overall review of 75 5 stars 23 4 stars, the Solo S3 have fared well among customers. There were 8 3, 2 and 1 star reviews who complained about the lack of detection range.


If you are the travelling type, then this is the device for you. Be ready to trade some performance for portability though. Coming to the different drive modes, it’s a really helpful feature, if the device has multiple users. Different people in a firm, for different locations, different vehicles; numerous factors can be addressed using these 9 different modes.

Escort RedLine Radar Detector

Escort-0100006-2-RedLine-Radar-Detector big

The RedLine isn’t your ordinary run of the mill device. Designed to pick up on even the slightest of signal emanations, this device cannot possibly fail to detect a checkpoint if there is one. Of course, that’s not saying much considering the price tag which comes with it. But we’ll let you be the judge of that once you’ve gone through the review completely.

The RedLine comes with full K, Ka and X support. Apart from that you get the Safety Warning System, which really adds to the overall radar capability. The list doesn’t end here. Extras include a rear and front system for laser detection so you’re covered there as well.

Rather than taking the traditional route; the Redline comes with a dual antenna. Couple this with a varactor-tuned (VTO) receiver and a digitally processed signal system (DSP) and you get one really sophisticated device for your car. The improved range means you know well in advance of any possible units up ahead.


Band support

As mentioned above, this device scans for all major bands available. Apart from that it will also detect on other types of uncommon signals or hazards and obstructions on roads ahead.


Many manufacturers use technical jargon and other fancy words to mask the lacking of their product in terms of range. However, there is no need for that here. The Redline comes with two antennas rather than the industry standard of one. Couple this with the V-tuned receiver programming and you get a device which can detect a unit from so far that you may even brake and then speed up again only to remember the unit is still far away!

Detecting the detector; Undetectable

The truth, however bitter, is the truth. Many states have detectors banned altogether. If you’re found with one, then you’ll be in for a lot more than just the usual speeding ticket. Detectors are detected using sophisticated devices which can pick up devices detecting other signals. The Redline comes with TotalSheild RF technology. This technology picks up on and bounces back waves used by detector detecting detectors hence rendering your device virtually invisible to it.

Safety radar

Picking up on checkpoints and units isn’t the only function this device serves. It’s safety radar can pick up on different types of situations such as constructions up ahead, fast/slow moving vehicles, weather conditions, road clearance and a lot more. By factory defaults the device comes with close to 70 different messages which notify you specifically of what it has detected and will come up ahead.


The device comes with a one-year limited warranty. It can also be extended according to the different plans the company has to offer; you can check them out on their site. Having warranty is a major advantage; many software issues occur during upgrades and these can easily be sorted out through warranty.


  • Excellent display screen
  • One year warranty
  • Undetectable
  • Dual antennae allows for long range detections and hence earlier alerts


  • Too many fees involved to get updates
  • Doesn’t detect well on sides other than the front of the vehicle
  • Requires perfect mounting position


Although ratings were the highest at 5 stars (close to a 100), there were downsides of the product mentioned as well since updating involved hefty costs such as membership fees. Apart from that, the device was well received since it could make detections really far out.


This shouldn’t be your first buy. It takes some time getting used to the features and won’t work well if you don’t understand its functions thoroughly.


Beltronics Vector V955 Radar Detector

Beltronics-Vector-V955-Radar-Detector big

Let nothing get in your way when it comes to avoiding those pesky speeding tickets; not even your budget. The Beltronics Vector V955 Radar Detector strikes the perfect balance between cost and what you get in return in the form of speed ticket savings and avoiding those hassles altogether. Rated by many customers as the best buy for its price; the Vector V955 is one product you shouldn’t miss out on.


Superior Detection

The Vector 955 covers all the different types of signal bands. Be it the K or Ka band, super wide or normal, X band or pop mode; this device has got you covered. Not only that, but it also includes safety warning features.

Ease of use

Durability is the name of the game if you’ve got the main functions covered. Many devices focus on getting in the best performance only in terms of detection. They fail to give due importance to other aspects. Some devices lag behind with heat up issues, others don’t mount properly and some aren’t durable enough.

The Vector 955 has these points in check however. Automatic muting technology reduces the hassles of false alarms and silencing alerts by almost 50%! Couple that with its option to customize preferences such as alert timings, detections, sound levels and you get one irresistible package altogether.

The control panel and buttons are located on the top of the device so you can easily configure and operate as needed.

Setting up the device

Many a times it happens that you use different cars; sometimes the office car, sometimes the home car and sometimes the weekend sports convertible. It is pretty obvious that you wouldn’t have bothered to read this review if you had enough money to buy a device for each car separately. Thankfully the Vector V955 can be easily installed and setup. It has a quick release mechanism which allows it to be affixed to the windshield through its mount. It can be easily removed as well.

AutoScan Mode

AutoScan ensures you are protected at all times. You don’t have to run frequent scans or set up the device when approaching turns or open spots. The V955 is up and running full time and its computer is on the lookout for any suspicious signals it picks up.

Bright LED Display

Audio notifications and beeps are one thing. What you need is detailed information about any detection that takes place. Once you get experienced and used to detectors; you’ll rely mostly on the display to gather enough of an idea to dismiss or consider an alert. The V955 has a 280-LED screen which displays a wide variety of parameters such as signal strength, type, and so on.

Safety Warning system

The safety warning system is an altogether unique option of this detector. It makes the device a versatile warning device and helps alert you of any upcoming hazards such as obstructions or construction work taking place ahead. This means you not only save on tickets, but are also saved from potential driving hazards.


  • Safety warning system
  • Customizable driving modes
  • Good value for money


  • Lesser working life in comparison to other models
  • Poor customer after service


On the whole responses were positive with 160 5 stars in the lead, followed by close to a 100 4 stars. Apart from customer service issues, only some service issues irked customers.


Considering the pros and the cons it can be said that the device makes for a great buy; especially keeping in view the cost. If maintained properly and used wisely; this device performs no less than high end devices.

Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

Escort-Passport-8500X50-Detector-Display big

If you’ve ever owned an Escort Passport before then you’ll know the PASSPORT 8500 X50 for what it is the moment you feast your eyes on the rest of this review. The X50 Black, if we speak in generous and general terms, has been gauged to give an incredibly improved performance of close to 50%! The improvements come in various forms such as better overall build, additional accessories and equipment and last but not least; the features.

A major improvement made has been to the radar’s detection capabilities. Having a V-tuned the device; it can now search and detect radar signals from far away, meaning it’s range has increased and can detect signals even earlier and at more distance than before. This technology can detect different types of signals such as POP mode radars and X-Bands. As if this wasn’t enough; not only does the PASSPORT 8500 X50 detect on K and KA signals as well but does so at a tremendously improved range.


Radar Protection has taken to the next level

What do you get when you upgrade a conventional radar detector by V-tuning it? How do fast and more accurate detections sound? That’s right. The Passport 8500 X50 now has an improved detection range and a better algorithm to identify different types of signals and prioritize them. Not only that, but it can also easily channel out the false alarms as well.

Exclusive AutoSensitivity Mode

With the carefulness that you exercise when listening to detections on a device comes the problems of false alerts. This device comes with AutoSensitivity technology, which allows it to identify and distinguish between actual alerts and detections based on insignificant objects. Couple this with the Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) program which automatically mutes alert regarding traffic sensors and you get an intelligent device which rarely gives false alarms.

Laser Protection

Laser detection is no easy feat. However the Passport 8500 X50 has unique off-axis protection technology, which improves laser detection capabilities and allow you be notified of them as well.

Brightness Control

Not a major option but something we could all do with considering detectors, once bought, form an integral part of the car. You can set the brightness at 3 different levels as per external and internal lighting conditions.


  • Good price.
  • Improved radar detection range
  • Different brightness settings for optimal viewing
  • Programmable alert modes for different driving patterns
  • Different display modes
  • Commendable laser protection when used in conjunction with a laser shifter


  • Some users had trouble mounting the device
  • Has operating issues in cold weather
  • The single, multi-touch volume button is a hassle at times
  • Customer service issues have come up when claiming warranties and repairs
  • Not every effective with red light cameras


The product, as for any Escort product, has received 120 5 star reviews compared to 50 4 star reviews and only 17, 10 and 13 3, 2 and 1 star reviews respectively. If we look at this critically then there were a few complaints regarding the mounts and a few other minor issues but on the whole the device was well praised.


This is the device to go for. Of course you’d be wondering why you should buy this considering the huge list of cons. The thing is that these were only mentioned to point out there is barely anything wrong with it. These are minor issues and are almost nothing compared to what many people face with other brands.

The device, with its improved range will be able to alert you well in advance and help you save on a number of speeding tickets. Once you’re experienced with different signal bands; you’ll be able to tell from false alarms yourself.


Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

Escort-Passport-9500ix-Detector-Display big

Sometimes people find themselves in situations they wish they could’ve avoided. Some of these situations are such that happen to people who, on the whole, are at their very best behavior, but still get sucked into the whirlpool of negativities.

Enough on karma; let’s get to radar and laser detectors. The Escort Passport 9500ix has literally got so many features packed into it; they’ll make you forget what the actual reason was for you to buy this product. Features such as the False Alarm eliminator using GPS filters, Automatic learning with AI protection, location marking and variable speed, sensitivity make this a radar detector which serve a lot more purposes than just occupying some space above your dashboard.


Anti-False Alert

If you’ve owned and used a radar detector for some time now and have had problems with false alerts then this feature will come to you as a major sigh of relief. False alerts can be a major source of annoyance for many. Unfortunately, alerts are alerts; whether false or an actual detection. A radar detector is designed to catch up on any time of signals. But here’s something more.

The Escort Passport 9500ix doesn’t just alert you of any signals it picks up, but also records different detections. Take the example of the alerts you get when crossing the mall. When you pass it by your device starts beeping. Rather than having to mute it every time you can simply ‘teach’ it to ignore the current detection from now on. Do this by pressing the mute button thrice. No more will you hear a beep when the device picks up on that particular signal.

AutoLearn: Artificial Intelligence Protection

The Escort Passport 9500ix is programmed to ‘learn’ and differentiate between actual alerts and false ones. This system is similar to the way a car’s ECU picks up on driving patterns and accordingly adjusts for engine RPM and other functions. Requiring only a triple press from the driver as feedback about a location; the Escort Passport 9500ix will categorize that location’s signals as a false alert and not bother you again.

However the device only automatically mutes out false alerts if they retain their coordinates and frequencies. For example, if a signal in an area is different from the one stored in memory it will automatically beep rather than muting this new signal as well.


  • Auto-learn. Can automatically learn and ignore false alerts.
  • Maintains locations. Can record locations and provide information on cameras and other warnings. Database updateable from the internet
  • Variable speed sensor. Reduces alerts if the vehicle speed is within limits altogether.
  • Easy to use with most of the features automated.
  • Windshield mount and smart power adapter
  • USB port for easily receiving updates to the database


  • High price.
  • Software updates can be instable at times.

What Customers Say?

Close to 450 5 stars say all there is to say about this product and how the customer’s experience it. Customers loved how it easily covered up its hefty price in terms of all the speeding tickets they got to avoid.


The Escort Passport 9500ix is a must have if you can get the price to fit in your budget. Although the features are impressive, the price is the factor which most people consider when judging this device with other ones. If you prefer a comfortable drive and have no patience for false alarms then this is the device for you, within a short duration it will learn of all the signal points in your locale and know when exactly to alert you.