Surefore Ways to Buy Best Radar Detector

Everybody has some sort of addiction but the nature of that addiction always varies. Some people are addicted to alcohol while others to drugs. My addiction is fast driving. It is something that brings new life in me. When I dtive fast then world seems to be in my control and it just feels that I am flying up high in the air. If you have never drive vehicle at fast speed then try it once, I am sure you will love this experience. So, I was talking about my addiction. Unfortunately, this addiction of mine costed me a lot and I was caught 5 times within a year for fast speed but this is not ever. The worst thing happened afterwards when my driving license was taken and I was sent to a driving school. My parents took back my car they gave me as a birthday present. I spent 6 months traveling in cabs and local transport until I got back my driving license and my car. This time I didn’t repeated the mistake of not using a radar detector. Now, I enjoy driving at fast speed without getting caught and it is only because of my little angel, I am talking about radar detector.

Enjoy Life For It is Given Once

We are stuck in a society full of rules and regulations. The worst thing about these rules is that they stop us from enjoying life. Enjoy life for it is given once. If you are also addiction to speed but your past driving history does not allows you to fulfil your addiction then you probably need a radar detector.  I know it is illegal to buy it as it is mainly made for police officers but still who cares as long as we are following the traffic rules.

How I found My Best Friend?

Radar detector is my best friend as it allows me to feel alive without getting caught. I found this friend after a lot of hard work. Following is the result of my research I did for buying best radar detector that can save me from getting caught right on time. Radar detector usage has been increased from now a day and it has provided lots of assistance to traffic police in US to measure speed of vehicles easily. On the other hand, drivers are also buying it to avoid getting traffic tickets. The radar detectors are also innovating and transforming in technologies with time in order to provide ease for highway police. Radar detectors have different prices with respect to their quality and features. Radar detectors are designed specifically for traffic police to measure the speed of the car by detecting traffic radar signals. While shopping a proper radar detector, people will find a list of various features and functions of the radar detector uses audio and video alerts to provide a warning.

Best Radar Detector As Per Market Survey

  1. Escort Passport Detector
  2. Escort Passport 8500
  3. Beltronics Vector V955
  4. Escort Solo S3
  5. Escort Redline

Criteria For Selecting Products

We adopted a certain criteria on the basis of which these 5 products were being elected. We first checked the features of different detectors in order to know which detector has unique features. We then read expert reviews followed by customer reviews which led us to these 5 best radar detectors.

In the following lines, there are given brief radar detector reviews highlighting the features and specs of top 5 detectors. These reviews will help you in selecting the best radar detector.

Best Radar Detectors
Product Dimensions
Display style
Detailed Reviews
Amazon Rating
Customer Reviews
Check Amazon
Escort-Passport-9500ix-Detector2.9 x 5.4 x 1.4 inchesBlue, RedRead Full Review4.2717 Customer ReviewsCheck Amazon
Escort-8500-Passport-Detector3 x 3 x 3 inchesBlue, RedRead Detailed Review4.2 229 Customer ReviewsSee At Amazon
Beltronics-Vector-Radar-Detector4.8 x 2.8 x 1.2 inchesRed Full Review4 325 Customer ReviewsCheck At Amazon
Escort-Solo-Radar-Detector5.2 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches LED displayRead Full Review4.2130 Customer ReviewsSee At Amazon

3 x 3 x 3 inches
280-LED alphanumeric displayRead Full Review 4.1155 customer reviewsSee At Amazon

Escort Passport Detector

Escort-Passport-9500ix-Detector-Display big

If you want to purchase an effective and efficient radar detector then here comes Escort Passport Detector. With its fine quality, you can easily detect speed enforcement radar.

Features and Overview of Product

Following are the features of this product that will definitely grab your attention:

  1. True Lock Filter:

With this innovative technology of true lock filter, Escort Passport detector does not detect false radar signals such as of automatic system of opening doors in your home or office and various alarm mechanisms, etc. if it does recognize these types of alerts then you just have to press the mute button three times and it automatically records that frequency and will never warn again for the same alert. But in case if an actual threat occurs in the same location, then with its intelligent mechanism of true lock filter, it detects the new radar frequency and creates an alert for you.

  1. Auto Learn Technology:

Due to its GPS along with 9500ix system, users can easily record false alert in the system by pressing the mute button three times. If it detects the same frequency for the next time then it beeps slightly at once and displays banned record of frequencies on its LED display screen to inform you that the following alert has been saved as a false alert.

  1. Red Light Camera’s, Speed Traps, Speed Cameras and Many More:

Escort Passport Detectors have an intelligent system through which red light camera’s sensor the signals of road and create an alert for a vehicle that crossed the intersection illegally. Eventually a snap of the car is taken and a ticket is mailed to car owner.

  1. Variable Sensitivity for Speed:

Radar strength varies for maximum protection when Escorts’ 9500ix system and its GPS feature work together. If you are travelling at high speed, it will get full alert to get high radar sensitivity while when you slow down, 9500ix also works slowly in order to ensure accuracy on city roads.

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Escort Passport 8500

Escort-Passport-8500X50-Detector-Display big

Escort passports are now introduced in a more trendy design and improvements. Its improved V tuned radar receivers are best to detect radar signals. Following are some of the features of this passport that makes it unique and accurate:

Features and Overview of Product

  1. Radar Protection:

This Escorts’ detector is introduced with enhanced protection as it extraordinary V tuned receivers provides alerts on radars even at long ranges.

  1. Laser Protection:

The amazing detector has laser sensors installed in it that provide laser alert or warning. Along with this high quality laser sensor, there is also a ZR4 laser shifter to enhance for ultimate safety and protection.

  1. Brightness Control:

It has three levels of brightness that include dim, medium or maximum and for driving at night it also has fully dark level.

  1. Meter Modes:

Passport 8500 has introduced with meter modes of more resolution. Meter displays have three types that include exclusive expert meter, unique spec display and standard bar graph.

  1. Programmable Features:

The product has been installed with innovative programming functions that assist it to perform all the function efficiently and accurately. These programs are Power on sequence and indication, Auto tunes, signal strength meter, auto mute, dark mode, laser bands, city mode sensitivity, auto calibration circuitry and display brightness.

  1. Power Requirement:

Passport 8500 has been introduced with of 12 VDC and a negative ground.

  1. Sensitivity Control:

This ultimate detector has ability to control sensitivity in three ways that includes City, Highway and Auto.

  1. Passport Display:

Passport display has a high quality 280 LED Matrix/Text with a bar graph. Additionally, it has been installed with SpecDisplay and an export meter.

  1. Wide Detection Range:

Escort 8500 has ability to detect signals even from a wide distance due to its high performing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and because of DSP feature, chances of false warnings and alarms reduces to high extent.

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Beltronics Vector V955

Beltronics-Vector-V955-Radar-Detector big

This innovative and cost effective detector has the best performance of radar and many features that makes it high quality detector within its less cost. Here are some of the extraordinary features of V955 that will help you in driving safely:

Features and Overview of Product

  1. Superior Detection:

Vector 955 has been introduced with superior detection and full X, K, Ka and a safe alarm and warning system. Along with this, it also has laser sensors for better detection, auto mute, specific alerts for visual and audible bands and a high performance and detection mechanism that help it to produce high quality performance.

  1. VG-2 Radar Detector:

One of its best features that make Vector 955 unique is its VG-2 radar detector.  VG-2 radar detector enables it to strengthen its power to such extent that even law enforcement can never detect its usage.

  1. Easy to Handle and Use:

All features will be at your fingertips when you operate Victor V955 including auto mute, alerts for visual bands, etc. you can easily learn and understand all features and functions because of convenient design.

  1. Auto Scan Mode:

The products have high quality scanning mechanism that creates alert for long distance signals and threats as well while reducing false alerts and warnings.

  1. LED Display:

It has a bright display with 280 LED displays that displays warning as soon as it is detected. An alert is also displayed on LED display along with a visual effect of the alarm sound. Additionally, a Safety Warning System (SWS) is also installed that provides information about warnings and threats. You can also enjoy three levels of brightness or full dark.

  1. Laser Tracking:

Victor 955 has come up with best and accurate laser detection that utilizes twin ports of laser to ensure detection from a distance as well.

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Escort Solo S3

Escort-Solo-Cordless-Radar-Detector big

This detector is one of the unique radar detectors that has special features of sleek design and convenience of cordless. It is one of the best detectors for people who have to travel a lot because of its extraordinary features. Following are some of the features of Escort Solo S3:

Features and Overview of Product

  1. Portable convenience:

Solo S3 has introduced a unique design that has a portable convenience which is easy to use.

  1. Efficient Battery Design:

One of the best things about Escort S3 is the use of less power to operate. It has two AA standard batteries that can produce sufficient power to Solo S3 detector. The battery can provide power to the detector for many months.

  1. Radar Protection:

These S3 detectors provide an outstanding radar protection and creates alert in case of warning or hazards even for longer distances and minimizes false alerts.

  1. Laser Protection:

It has been provided with an ultra laser protection that works with many low noised lasers.

  1. Programmable Features:

Solo S3 works with its efficient programmable features that helps it to detect radar signals accurately and even at long distances. It uses 9 programs that are Power on Indication, Brightness Control, Auto Mute, Signal Strength Meter, Auto Power, Audio Tunes, City Mode and Auto Power.

  1. High Resolution Display:

Escort’s S3 detractors have a high quality OLED display that makes it further easier to understand as you can have all features at your fingertips. Along with that it will also display alerts and information regarding laser, SWS and radar signal. There are two types of meters that provide signal strength that include Expert meter and Standard Bar graph.

  1. Safety Radar Signals:

This S3 detector produces audible as well as visual alerts for Standard Warning System signals. These warnings will keep you informed about any hazards and threats.

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Escort Redline

Escort-0100006-2-RedLine-Radar-Detector big

Escort Redline is the most sensitive radar detector that provides a wide range for each radar signal. Following are the features of Redline that makes it outstanding detector in market:

Features and Overview of Product

  1. Superior Quality and Detection:

Redline has been introduced with a superior detection because of its X, K, Safety Warning Radar System and a Super Wide Ka along with front as well as rear laser detection that ensure superior detection and safety. It also has Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a dual antenna with a varactor tuned receiver to detect signals even from long distance and it also help in reducing the detection of false warnings and alarms.

  1. Undetectability By Other Detectors:

Because of its VG-2 and Specter technology, it is undetectable by any radar detector.

  1. Auto Mute Features:

Escort Redline has an auto mute system that helps in reducing the volume of an alert after it has created an alert loudly so that you can get informed about the warning without being frustrated and annoyed.

  1. Easy to Handle and Use:

This detector is easy to use because of all of its extraordinary features are at the fingertips of a user. You can easily learn each and every function and feature. In order to install it in a vehicle, you can easily release amount and it will be attached to the vehicle.

  1. Ultra Bright Display:

This product has 280 LED display and three levels of brightness that includes dim, medium and maximum and a full darkness mode. You can easily get alerts on the display and Spec Display technology helps to show an exact signal of the radar.

  1. Safety Warning System:

Redline has also a Safety Warning System creates an alert in case of a threat or hazard.

  1. Warranty:

Escort Detector has an additional warranty of one year.

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Things to Consider While Buying a Radar Detector

Following are the main features that a buyer must keep in mind before buying a good and authentic radar detector:

Range of Radar Detectors:

These detectors are very helpful for drivers to slow down their speed when they are at risk and traffic police records their speed. Radar detectors should be able to measure speed from a distance because this gives a lot of time to the drivers to slow their speed. Radar detectors must be sensitive enough to measure the speed from much distance. Additionally, radar detectors must measure your speed when you are driving on rough roads rather than plain roads and monitor side traps as well as corners. In best radar detector, there are strong Ka and K bands that help detectors to detect traffic radars from long distances as well.


Radar detectors utilize very less power of up to 12 volts to operate and detect accurately and efficiently. This powered is transferred through batteries.

Functions of Auto Learn:

This is the one of the best system among all car radar detectors that, are they not developing a signal or creates an alarm for false signals. When this feature detects a false alarm like automatic door closing of homes and shops that tends to provide an alert for this as well but the radar detector discards the information of false alerts.

GPS Navigation in Radar system:

GPS technology is one of the most effective technologies that give alerts and signals to the driver when they are driving the vehicle at a very high speed so that they can slow down before arrival of law enforcement personnel’s.

Provides Continuous Update:

Radar detectors provide updates about your environment and surroundings continuously so that you can be aware of red light and stops wherever they come.

AutoScan Mode:

A best radar detector should have an auto scan mode that has ability to provide sensitivity from X to K band even if you are driving in city areas or in rural areas. This system rejects all false alerts and warnings that are installed in homes and in shops automatically and only warns for true alarms and alerts.

Built-in Charger:

Before buying a good radar detector, you must select a radar detector with a built in charger that means a charger is fixed in its system to charge it conveniently whenever and wherever radar detector is required to charge.

Undetectability and Specter Alert:

One of the best features in radar detectors is their undetectability.  They don’t leak any signals that can be detected. This is the latest technology that has been used widely by the traffic police to find people who are using a radar detector although it is illegal at that place.

SWS Alerts:

Radar detectors must have ability to provide a proper and detailed Safety Warning System alert. Some alerts in the form of signals are emitted by a highway crew to save people from hazards and accidents.

Sincere Advise

We cannot force you to buy certain radar detector, but we can definitely update you with the latest information regarding different radar detectors and this is what we have tried to do. We highly recommend doing an in depth research before buying a radar detector or any other products specially if you buy online as more hen 60%websites on the Internet are either scams offer poor quality products. If you do not have time to do searching then simply buy any of the 5 best radar detectors we mentioned above as all of them are worth buying.